Party Planning Ideas

How To Plan A Party

Two to Three months before the party
  • Choose a theme- classic, vintage or all out. We provide: basic chairs to gold ones, bounce houses and beautiful backdrops

  •  Determine your budget. A party actually costs around $30-$60 per person. We have prices as low as $2.00 per chair and $10.00 per table. 

  • Choose a few dates and time options for the event- We provide cooling systems and heating systems for either of your event seasons. We have tents that go from 10 x 10 to 20 x 40 so all your guests can be provided with a safe roof. 

  • Book an event venue.- We can work with you, to provide the best set up, delivery and pick up with your venue or from the comfort of your backyard.

  • Arrange entertainment. - For entertainment we have games, movies, projectors, dance floors and bounce houses. Let us bring the fun!

One Month before your event
  • Make a guest list. You make the list we provided everything else just to let us know how many guests we have.

  • Order supplies. This part is very important, when we don't want to wash or buy dinnerware, we do that for you. We have dinnerware, silverware , napkins and glasses!

  • Send invitations.

Week of The event
  • Order food & beverages. 

  • Purchase, make your decor or rent it. We have beautiful backdrops, vases, candelabras , tablecloths and centerpieces. 

  • Plan activities. This part is always very important. We wouldn't want anyone to be spaced out, we want them having fun. We provide cotton candy machines, margarita machines and popcorn machines, bounce houses and for the adults a sound system , dance floor and a little karaoke. 

  • Enlist party helpers or hire event staff. If you need help we provide them, let us know how many and we can arrange it easily.

Day of the Event
  • Set up your event decor and centerpieces. We can also provide this service for you , you just tell us your vision and we can bring it to life. 

  • For outdoor events, prepare according to the weather forecast.

  • And Clean up after it’s all over.- We have all you need to clean up from providing the trash cans, to letting us clean up after the event.

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